(Latin: from, away from, off; down; wholly, entirely, utterly, complete; reverse the action of, undo; the negation or reversal of the notion expressed in the primary or root word)

demulceation (s) (noun), demulceations (pl)
That which is soothing and softening.
demulcent (DI muhl suhnt) (adjective), more demulcent, most demulcent
1. A reference to the soothing nature of medicines: The physical therapist applied a demulcent ointment or salve to Mary's body which relieved the inflammation and irritation on her skin.
2. A description of something like a relaxing melody or a peaceful demeanor.
demulcetive (s) (noun), demulcetives (pl)
The act or process of decreasing the harshness or severity of an irritation.
demulcify (verb), demulcifies; demulcified; demulcifying
1. To smooth and to soothe the body.
2. Allaying the irritation of body's surface.
demulcing (adjective), more demulcing, most demulcing
A reference to an oily substance that is used to soothe or to soften an irritated surface; such as, mucous membranes or the skin.
demulsibility (s) (noun), demulsibilities (pl)
An agent that is capable of producing a protective effect on mucous membranes and relieves irritation.
demulsify (verb), demulsifies; demulsified; demulsifying
To break an emulsion down permanently into its components, or to be broken down permanently.
demur (verb), demurs; demurred; demurring
To show reluctance; to disagree; to raise an objection: Gladys wanted to knit her niece a pullover for winter, but Linda demurred, saying that her family was moving to Southern California soon and so she didn’t need such a garment.

While the other businessmen signed the contract, Charles demurred because he didn't think it was sufficient for the project that had been proposed.

To object to the breaking of a rule.
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demure (adjective), more demure, most demure
1. Descriptive of a person, normally a female, who is modest, quiet, and shy: The governess, or woman who was employed to teach and to take care of little Susie, seemed to be quite reserved and demure, but she was very watchful and protective of her young child while they were in the playground or any other place.
2. Pertaining to clothes which are simple, unpretentious, and plain: Grace wanted to dress in a demure way when she went to church by having a high-necked black blouse with long sleeves and a black skirt with a low hem.
Reserved or sedate in manner or behavior.
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demystify (verb), demystifies; demystified; demystifying
1. To make less mysterious; to clarify.
2. To remove the mystery surrounding something; for example, by explaining it in simple language.
Used as a synonym of demythologize.
demythify (verb), demythifies; demythified; demythifying
To deprive of mythical character; to remove the aura of reverence, sentimentality, etc.
1. To remove the mythical elements (from a legend, cult, etc.); specifically, in theology, to reinterpret the mythological elements in the Bible.

In order to discover the real facts of Christ's life and teachings, it is necessary to strip the New Testament; especially, the Gospels, of this layer of mythology.

2. Etymology: from Latin de-, "reverse of" + Greek mythologein, "to relate legends, myths".
denarcotize (verb), denarcotizes; denarcotized; denarcotizing
To remove or to decrease drowsiness, sleepiness, or other insensible conditions.
denationalization (s) (noun) (no pl)
The removal of an organization or activity from government control: The denationalization of certain documents was turned over to a private group.