dactylo-, dactyl-, dactylio-, -dactyl, -dactyla, -dactylia, -dactylic, -dactylism, -dactyloid, -dactylous, -dactyly

(Greek: finger, toe)

A reference to the study of fingerprints as a method of identification.
The scientific system of examining fingerprints for purposes of identification.
1. The scientific examination of fingerprints for identification purposes.
2. The written description of finger rings or the art of writing or engraving upon gems.

More information about the descriptions of dactyliography.

1. A reference to a branch of archeology which has to do with finger rings.
2. Relating to that branch of archeology which has to do with gem engraving.
1. That branch of archeology which has to do with finger rings.
2. That branch of archeology that deals with engraving of gems.
dactyliomancy, dactylomancy, dactyomancy
Divination with finger rings “. . . by holding a ring suspended by a fine thread over a round table on the edge of which were a number of marks with the 24 [Greek] letters of the alphabet. The ring was consecrated with a great deal of mystery.”
1. A somatometric point at the tip of a digit of the hand identified by the side and number of a digit.
2. An obsolete term for syndactyly.
1. A display, or storage, case for holding a collection of rings, gems, seals, etc.
2. A book reproducing illustrations of gems and rings, or for cataloging such a collection.
dactylithic, dactylitic
1. A reference to a rock texture produced by the intergrowth of two different minerals whereby fingerlike projections of one mineral penetrate the other mineral.
2. Relating to a rock texture, characterized by finger-like projections of a mineral that penetrate another mineral.
3. Relating to, or designating, a finger-like growth of crystals upon other crystals.
Inflammation or infection of a finger or toe.
dactylitis syphilitica
A syphilitic inflammation of the bones of fingers or toes.
dactylitis tuberculosa, dactylitis strumosa
Inflammation of the digits due to tuberculosis.
dactylocampsodynia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Painful flexion (bending a joint) of the fingers: When gardening, Lynn had a case of dactylocampsodynia when she overdid her work with repetitive motions. She also found out that musicians and athletes were also candidates for dactylocampsodynia because of the overuse of their hands.
dactylodynia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in a finger or fingers: Some reasons for dactylodynia can be carpal tunnel syndrome, a trigger finger, or arthritis, among other causes.
dactylodystrophy (s) (noun), dactylodystrophies (pl)
A wasting of the fingers, which is seen in certain collagen diseases; such as, scleroderma (a disease in which the skin becomes progressively hard and thickened).

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving the "toes" and "fingers": digit-; hallu-; phalang-.