cyno-, cyn-, kyno-, kyn-

(Greek: dog; like a dog)

City of the dog which was the name for two ancient Egyptian cities.
A voracious appetite, like that of a starved dog.
The dog-rose.
cynosure (s) (noun), cynosures (pl)
1. The center of admiration, attention, or attraction: The famed pianist was the cynosure of the critics for the newspapers.
2. An object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration: The iceberg was the cynosure for the tourist boat in the Arctic.
3. Someone or something acting as a guide or used for direction: The cynosure at the intersection of the two roads helped to reassure Mark that he was going in the right direction to the museum.
4. Etymology: from about 1596, from Middle French (c.1400-c.1600) cynosure, from Latin Cynosura; literally, "dog's tail; the constellation (now Ursa Minor) containing the North Star (which contains the guiding star Polaris), the focus of navigation; from Greek kynosoura, literally, "dog's tail".
The center of attention or interest.
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The center of admiration, attention, or attraction.
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The object of attention.
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1. A fossil reptile characterized by the absence of all teeth except for two long canines in the upper jaw.
2. Anything, or anyone, having the same characteristics.
misocynist (s) (noun), misocynists (pl)
Anyone who abhors dogs: Whenever George's sister came to visit, he would not allow her to bring her dog into his house because he was a misocynist and didn't want to have his residence polluted with dog hairs, fleas, or any other forms of contamination.
misocyny (s) (noun), misocynies (pl)
A hatred of dogs and not wanting to be near them at any time or in any place: When Irving was a little boy, he was attacked by a bull terrier and had to be in a hospital for weeks; and so, since then, he has had a misocyny, or a repugnance for all kinds of canines, because of this horrible experience.
philocynic (adjective), more philocynic, most philocynic
Regarding a fondness of dogs: Little Susan, known for her philocynic devotion, loved her two dalmatians which she took for walks through the park when she came home from school.
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