curr-, cur-, cor-, cour-

(Latin: to run, running)

succor (verb), succors; succored; succoring
To help or to give relief to someone who is in need of help: Many people in other parts of the country volunteered to succor the victims of the recent tornado.

Some people are convinced that it is the responsibility of everyone to succor those who are in need or "to do for others what we would want others to do for us".

telecourse (s) (noun), telecourses (pl)
A series of educational lectures presented on television by a learning institution: Jamie found it helpful to take telecourses so he could improve the technical skills that he wanted to achieve.

Tamika was one of several local home viewers receiving credits at her community college by completing one telecourse after another one.

thermocurrent (s) (noun), thermocurrents (pl)
Electricity that is developed or set in motion by heat: Some thermocurrents are produced by differences of temperatures that exist between the connections which produce electricity at various speeds.
undercurrent (s) (noun), undercurrents (pl)
1. In air or water, the motion that exists below another motion or under the surface: New swimmers find the undercurrent of the Black River extremely unpredictable and dangerous.
2. An influence or tendency in society or social situations that is the opposite of what is normally expected or accepted: There was an undercurrent of unfriendliness at the party and, although Janet was aware of it, she didn't know what was causing it.
xenocurrency (s) (noun), xenocurrencies (pl)
Money from one country that is circulated or traded in another country; foreign money: U.S. money is probably the most common xenocurrency that exists in the world.