agri-, agrio-, ager

(Greek > Latin: fields; wild, savage; living in the fields, via ager, agri.)

pilgrimage (s) (noun), pilgrimages (pl)
1. Usually a journey to a holy place undertaken for religious reasons: Valerie took part in a pilgrimage to a holy place for a religious reason.
2. A long journey or search, especially one of some exalted purpose or moral significance: The family members undertook a pilgrimage to the grave sites of their ancestors.
3. A journey to a place with special significance: Thousands of fans make a pilgrimage to Elvis Presley's last home every year."
pilgrimatic (adjective), more pilgrimatic, most pilgrimatic
A reference to what is proper to a pilgrim: Since Kitty and Sam wanted to go on a journey by foot, they wanted to find out the morst important pilgrimatic and appropriate rules for wayfarers in foreign lands.
pilgrimatical (adjective), more pilgrimatical, most pilgrimatical
Descriptive of what is proper for a pilgrim or pilgrims: Jack and Jill started out with the intention of undertaking a pilgrimatical tour.
pilgrimdom (s) (noun), pilgrimdoms (pl)
A pilgrim state or domain: It was interesting to find out that there were actually pilgrimodoms, or such areas in the world where pilgrims gathered in their sacred territories.
pilgrimer (s) (noun), pilgrimers (pl)
Someone who undertakes a trip to a holy place: Pilgrimers go to a sacred site usually because pf religious reasons.
pilgrimess (s) (noun), pilgrimesses (pl)
A female pilgrim: In the story Alice read, there were many pilgrimesses all traveling together towards their religious shrine.
pilgrimism (s) (noun) (no pl)
The philosophy regarding a pilgrimage: Ruth thought that the idea of pilgrimism was a good thing because it could give people a purpose in undertaking a journey to a specific place of their faith which could give them hope.
pilgrimize (verb), pilgrimizes; pilgrimized; pilgrimizing
1. Obsolete, to wander or to journey about: The two girls decided to pilgrimize along the path to their favorite little shrine they had set up the day before.
2. To go on a pilgrimage: All the brothers and sisters decided to pilgrimize by going by foot to the home they grew up in so many years ago.
3. To act as a pilgrim: In the play at school, some of the children had to pilgrimize and wear the clothing of the time of the Pilgrims back in 1620 when they landed on the east coast of America.
pre-agricultural (adjective); more pre-agricultural, most pre-agricultural
Referring to a time in the past when people did not have the systems of producing food products for others: In anthropology, the pre-agricultural period was the time before a society of people had developed the raising of crops as a means of subsistence to sell to stores.
Quercus agrifolia (s) (noun) (no pl)
California live oak; coastal live oak: The Quercus agrifolia is a highly variable, often shrubby, evergreen oak on the coastal zone of western North America. It has small thick normally spiny-toothed dark-green leaves.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "land, ground, fields, soil, dirt, mud, clay, earth (world)": agra-; agrest-; agro-; argill-; choro-; chthon-; epeiro-; geo-; glob-; lut-; myso-; pedo-; pel-; rhyp-; soil-; sord-; terr-.