crim-, crimino-

(Latin: judicial decision, verdict; object of reproach, judgement; legal offense, fault, accusation)

Closely related to the cern- family of "separated, set apart" words.

discriminatingly (adverb), more discriminatingly, most discriminatingly
discrimination (s) (noun), discriminations (pl)
discriminative (adjective), more discriminative, most discriminative
incriminate (verb), incriminates; incriminated; incriminating
1. To provide evidence of an involvement in some illegitimate activity: The hidden cameras in the train station incriminated two teenagers by taking pictures of them breaking into a candy machine and running off with several items.
2. To be charged unjustly with something even when the accused is completely innocent: Mark's brother was sitting behind a woman on a bus who incriminated him of hitting her on the head with a tennis ball which was actually thrown by someone else who was farther in the back of the bus.
To unjustly accuse someone with a crime or some unacceptable action even though he or she had nothing to do with what happened.
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incriminating (adjective), more incriminating, most incriminating
Relating to participation or involvement in an activity that is against the law: "There was incriminating evidence, substantiated by witnesses, that Gisela's cousin was participating in the theft of baskets full of apples from a local farmer's orchard."
incrimination (s) (noun), incriminations (pl)
indiscriminate (adjective), more indiscriminate, most indiscriminate
indiscriminately (adverb), more indiscriminately, most indiscriminately
recriminate (verb), recriminates, recriminated, recriminating
recrimination (s) (noun), recriminations (pl)
A verbal attack by someone who accuses or criticizes another person for causing an unacceptable condition to exist: The meeting between the opposing political groups consisted of disagreements that turned into a heated debate with one recrimination after another one and it ended with even more bitterness and public recriminations.
Accusations and abusive arguments.
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recriminatory (adjective), more recriminatory, most recriminatory
socius criminis (Latin phrase)
Translation: "A partner in crime."