coron-, coroll-

(Latin: garland, wreath, crown; from a Greek source meaning, "anything curved; a wreath, a garland")

Finis coronat opus. (Latin statement)
Translation: "The end crowns the work."

A reference to the completion of a major project in which someone rejoices in its final accomplishment.

geocorona (s) (noun), geocoronas (pl)
1. The outermost region of the earth's atmosphere, reaching to a height approximately 15 times the radius of the earth and consisting mainly of hydrogen.
2. An envelope of ionized gases, mainly hydrogen, which encircles the earth to about 15 earth radii and emits Lyman-alpha radiation in the presence of sunlight which refers to a radiation emitted by hydrogen associated with the spectral line in the Lyman series (group of lines in the ultraviolet spectrum of hydrogen) whose wavelength is 121.5 nanometers.
Scuto bonae voluntatis tuae coronasti nos. (Latin motto)
Translation: "With the shield of Thy good-will Thou hast covered us."

Motto of the State of Maryland, U.S.A. Also translated as, "With favor wilt Thou encompass us as with a shield."