copro-, copr-, kopro-, kopr-

(Greek: feces, dung, excrement; filth, dirt)

Any micro-organism; such as, a bacterium, found living in excrement.
A feces-loving organism.
1. An attraction of microorganisms to fecal matter.
2. In psychiatry, a morbid attraction to, and interest in (with a sexual element), fecal matter.
3. In psychology, an irrational interest in feces and defecation.
1. Living in, thriving on, or growing on excrement or dung.
2. Growing upon fecal matter; said of certain bacteria.
1. An attraction to filth or feces.
2. In biology, feeding on dung or fecal material; an organism that ingests fecal material from other organisms.
3. Organisms that inhabit dung.
The abnormal interjection of obscene words into speech.
coprophyte, coprophytic
A plant living on dung or fecal material.
coprostasis (s) (noun) (no plural)
A fecal impaction in the intestine of a person or of an animal: When Clifford went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with coprostasis, which was causing him so much pain in his bowel movement.
A substance, found normally in feces, formed by breaking down of cholesterol and other steroids from the bile by bacterial action in the intestine.
1. Protozoa that can be cultivated in fecal matter, but do not necessarily live in feces within the intestine.
2. Protozoa which are found in fecal matter outside the body, but which do not inhabit the intestine of the organism that discharges it.
1. Living in fecal material; such as, protozoans found in dung.
2. Found in fecal material.
3. A reference to organisms living on the excreta of other animal forms.

Inhabitants of dung, mostly protozoa, merging on the one hand into intestinal parasites or otherwise into inhabitants of damp earth.

An animal living on or in dung or fecal material
The fossilized excrement of fish.
Organisms thriving in habitats rich in bird droppings or feces.
Bird dung.

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