contra-, contro-, counter, contre-

(Latin: against, opposed to, opposite, conflicting, different, clashing, unaccommodating)

contrast (s) (noun), contrasts (pl)
1. The comparison of a thing or an individual that shows differences when juxtaposed with another: There is a marked contrast between a child who is obedient and one who contradicts, or "speaks against" those in authority, his elders.

In order to provide contrast in her outfit, Wendy chose to wear a green skirt and a red blouse.
2. A great dissimilarity between two or more entities that are apparent when compared: The old computer operated very slowly in contrast to the newest model Clifford decided to buy.

contrastable (adjective), more contrastable, most contrastable
Referring to items which are possible to compare or assess in regards to their differences: For their art test in school, Mrs. Arty gave her students two contrastable photos in which the students were to point out the particular distinctions or variances in relation to each one.
contrastedly (adverb); more contrastedly, most contrastedly
Descriptive of how something or someone is at variance with another: The teacher, Mrs. Adams, explained contrastedly the major differences between a small town and a big city.
contrastively (adverb); more contrastively, most contrastively
Regarding how something is opposed to another thing: Leon wrote in such a contrastively different, impressive, and distinguishing style compared with the other journalists that he was immediately given the job with the local newspaper.
A more or less continuous chain of redoubts and breastworks raised by besiegers outside the line of circumvallation of a besieged place to protect the besiegers from attacks from the outside, as by a relieving force.
contravene (verb), contravenes; contravened; contravening
1. To violate the prohibition or order of a law, treaty, or a code of conduct: Doug decided to contravene the teacher’s order not to copy from his neighbor’s test during the exam, and he got caught doing it!
2. To transgress or to actively go against the terms of a previous agreement, etc.: Tina’s parents told her to be home at 10 o’clock in the evening, but Tina decided to contravene, or to disobey her parents by staying out until midnight!
To oppose or to act against.
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