com-, co-, cog-, col-, con-, cor-

(Latin: together, together with, with)

The prefix com- is assimilated to co- before h, w, and all vowels:

The prefix com- becomes, cog- before g: cognition, [co + gnoscere, "to know"], et al.

The prefix com- becomes, col- before l: colloquial, et al.

The prefix com- becomes, con- before c, d, g, j, n, q, s, t, v: covivant, et al.

The prefix com- becomes, cor- before r: corrigible, et al.

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recondite (adjective), more recondite, most recondite
1. A reference to something which is abstruse and very difficult to understand: The politician replied to the questions with such recondite answers, that no one knew what he was talking about.

The students complained that the new textbook about the origins of words had too many recondite explanations for them to comprehend.

2. Etymology: from Latin reconditus, "hidden, secrete" from recondere, "to put away", from re-, "back" + condere, "to hide" + com-, "together" + dare, "to give."
Too profound for normal comprehension.
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