codex-, codi-, cod-

(Latin: a code of laws, a writing tablet; an account book; secret writing; originally, "the trunk of a tree")

codify, codifies, codifying, codified (verb forms)
1. To put laws or rules together as a code or system: "The international convention codified the rules of trade."
2. Putting things in an orderly form: "The teacher tried to codify the important concepts about language grammar."
decode (verb), decodes; decoding; decoded
1. To decipher a coded message from code into plain text or ordinary language.
2. To convert from a scrambled electronic signal into an interpretable one or into normal analogue components.
3. To extract the underlying meaning from: decode a complex literary text.
4. To understand the meaning of a word or a phrase in a foreign language in the correct way.
encode, encodes, encoding, encoded (verb forms)
1. To convert a message, information, etc. into a code for transmission, frequently in binary digits for storage in a digital computer.
2. To format electronic data according to a standard format; that is, to convert characters and symbols into a digital form as a series of impulses; such as, to digitally encode pictures.
3. Rewriting information into a form which can be manually or automatically interpreted by a computer program.
4. To convert data or some physical quantity into a given format.
5. In psychology, the process by which any incoming information; such as, sensory stimuli or the temporal (time) sequence of events, is stored so it can later be retrieved as memory.
encoded message
A message which is transmitted by a sender to a receiver.
encoder (s), encoders (pl)
1. In a computer, a circuit in which a single input; such as, a key on a keyboard produces a combination of outputs or codes.
2. A disk with a printed pattern which converts shaft positons to a corresponding digital code.
genetic code
The sequence of bases in the DNA of living cells which provides the instruction for the synthesis of polypeptides and proteins from amino acids.
national electrical code, NEC
A code used for safeguarding people and property from the hazards coming from the use of electricity.

It is used as a guide for governmental bodies whose responsibilities are to regulate building codes.