clud-, claud-, claus-, clos-, -clude, -clois, -cluding, -cluded, -clus, -clusion, -clusive

(Latin: to close, to shut)

discloser (s) (noun), disclosers (pl)
disclosure (s) (noun), disclosures (pl)
enclose (verb), encloses; enclosed; enclosing
encloser (s) (noun), enclosers (pl)
enclosure (s) (noun), enclosures (pl)
excludable (adjective)
exclude (ik SKLOOD) (verb), excludes; excluded; excluding
To restrict or to prevent participation or involvement in a situation or activity: The new rules are designed to exclude pets from living in the apartment building where Patrick lives.
excluded (adjective)
excluding (preposition)
exclusion (s) (noun), exclusions (pl)
exclusionary (adjective)
exclusionism (s) (noun)
exclusionist (adjective)
exclusionist (s) (noun), exclusionists (pl)
exclusive (adjective)