civi-, civ-, cit-

(Latin: city: big town, metropolitan area; citizen: a legal resident or inhabitant)

decivilize (verb), decivilizes; decivilized; decivilizing
To move from a developed society and an advanced culture to one that is of a wild or savage behavior: After centuries, the Romans were decivilized by the invading barbarians. Similar developments can also be applicable to the Egyptians and other ancient cultures.
incivil (adjective), more incivil, most incivil
Referring to showing a lack of courtesy; and so, being rude and impolite: Jane decided to ignore her brother's incivil remarks about her new dress.
incivility (noun), incivilities (pl)
A rude or impolite behavior or attitude: Jake doesn't remember ever being treated by any other store clerk with such incivilities when he decided not to buy the jacket after trying it on.

When Ed asked for information from the bank clerk, her responses were shockingly full of incivilities because just before he came to her, she was informed that she would be losing her job in order to reduce the expense of so many employees.

semicivilized (adjective) (uncountable)
Half or partially at a level of social, cultural, or moral development: Anthropologists are aware that there are still some semicivilized tribes in the world.

Some semicivilized countries still lack rules about how people should be properly treated; especially, when different religious beliefs and customs are involved.

senior citizen (s) (noun), senior citizens (pl)
Elderly people; especially, those who are retired and living on pensions: Many of the senior citizens in Marian's urban area are active in social and political groups.
uncivil (adjective), more uncivil, most uncivil
Characterized by rudeness or impoliteness: When the teacher asked Margaret to put her cell phone away, she responded with uncivil remarks and refused to turn the phone off; so, she was sent to the principal's office for her uncivil behavior.
uncivilized (adjective), more uncivilized, most uncivilized
1. Not reasonable or respectful: Jane's uncivilized response to her supervisor's criticism of the work she had done almost resulted in her being fired.
2. Showing no concern for the well-being of people or for the proper way to behave towards others: There are those who are convinced that capital punishment is an uncivilized act and so it should be stopped!

When some people don't have their financial desires fulfilled, they respond in uncivilized ways, which doesn't help them to achieve their objectives.