cit-, citat-

(Latin: talk, speak, say; to put into quick motion, to excite, to provoke, to call urgently; to summon, to summon forth, to arouse, to stimulate; used in the sense of "stimulating")

solicitor (s) (noun), solicitors (pl)
1. A term for a British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents.
2. A petitioner who solicits contributions, or trade, or votes.
3. The chief officer for legal matters in a city, town, or county, or in a government department.
solicitous (adjective), more solicitous, most solicitous
1. Referring to an attitude of concern and consideration for a person's health, happiness, etc.: Karl and Irene appreciated the doctor's solicitous inquiry about their health.
2. Full of eagerness to do something: Andrew volunteered to provide solicitous efforts to help students prepare for their biology exams.
3. Descriptive of paying very careful attention to details: Brian is a news reporter who makes solicitous presentations about what is going on in the world.

The solicitous officials in Tom's city seem to be very concerned about proceeding with the investigation of illegal drugs that are being sold in their community.

4. Etymology: from Latin sollus, "all" + ciere, "arouse".
Apprehensive and full of concern for the safety of another person.
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Anxiously willing to take care of a dangerous situation.
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solicitously (adverb), more solicitously, most solicitously
1. In a concerned manner.
2. A reference to someone who is showing care and helpful attention to, or for, somebody else.
solicitousness (s) (noun) (no plural)
A feeling of excessive concern or fears.
solicitude (s) (noun), solicitudes (pl)
1. Consideration shown for the well-being of someone or something: Manfred expressed solicitude for his friend's health and physical improvement.
2. A cause of concern or uneasiness for another person: Fred's mother was having solicitudes for his safe return from the battle zone where he was assigned as a soldier.
3. Etymology: from Latin sollicitudo, "anxiety" from sollicitus, "restless, uneasy".
A condition in which one has regarding a situation that a person may have to face.
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Someone who is anxious about another person's safety.
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suscitate (verb), suscitates; suscitated; suscitating (said to be out of date or obsolete)
1. To rouse, to excite, or to call into life and action.
2. To arouse to greater activity.
thermoexcitatory (adjective), more thermoexcitatory, most thermoexcitatory
Stimulating the formation of heat in the body.
thermoexcitory (adjective), more thermoexcitory, most thermoexcitory
Descriptive of stimulating the production of bodily heat.
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