(Latin: around, about, surrounding, closed curve, circling, circular on all sides; literally, "in a circle")

circumocular (adjective), more circumocular, mostcircumocular
A reference to the area surrounding the eye.
circumorbital (adjective), more circumorbital, most circumorbital
Referring to the area surrounding the bony orbit of the eyes.
circumplanetary (adjective), more circumplanetary, most circumplanetary
A reference to navigating around a planet or planets.
circumpolar (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to being located or living around or near one or both poles of Earth or another planet.
circumrenal (adjective), more circumrenal, most circumrenal
Relating to being located anywhere near or around a kidney.
circumrotate (verb), circumrotates; circumrotated; circumrotating
To turn like a wheel; to revolve.
circumrotation (s) (noun), circumrotations (pl)
1. The act of rolling or revolving around; such as, a wheel.
2. The state of being whirled around.
Circumrotating is in progress with this construction machine.

An example of circumrotation is displayed with this construction equipment.

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circumrotatory (adjective), more circumrotatory, most circumrotatory
A reference to turning, rolling, or whirling around.
circumscribe (verb), circumscribes; circumscribed; circumscribing
1. To draw a line around; to encompass with (or as with) a bounding line, to form the boundary of, to bound.
2. To mark out or lay down the limits of; to enclose within limits, limit, bound, confine (usually figuratively); especially, to confine within narrow limits, to restrict the free or extended action of, to hem in, to restrain, to abridge.
circumscribed (adjective), more circumscribed, most circumscribed
Pertaining to being confined within bounds or restricted to a confined space, as an anatomic part.
circumscribed, circumspect
circumscribed (SUR kuhm skrighb'd") (verb)
Having defined a space carefully by drawing a line (literal or figurative) around an area: The surveyor circumscribed the building lot before the purchase was finalized.
circumscribed (SUR kuhm skrighb'd") (adjective)
A limited size or amount of something: The circumscribed number of officers on the Board was established by the committee.
circumspect (SUR kuhm spekt") (adjective)
Referring to thinking carefully about possible risks before doing or saying something: These people are circumspect in all their business dealings.

As an architect you will need to be very circumspect in your dealings with the city board whose number is circumscribed by the city council.

circumscriber (s) (noun), circumscribers (pl)
Someone who, or that which restricts or limits.
circumscript (s) (noun), circumscripts (pl)
1. Something or someone who is limited or confined.
2. Enclosed or encompassed.
circumscription (s) (noun), circumscriptions (pl)
1. A boundary or outline; a limitation or restriction.
2. An engraving or lettering around a coin, medal, etc.
1. Subject to limits.
2. Showing or determining a boundary.

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