(Latin: around, about, surrounding, closed curve, circling, circular on all sides; literally, "in a circle")

circumflex (s) (noun), circumflexes (pl)
1. A diacritical mark (^) placed above a vowel in some languages to indicate a special phonetic quality: In some languages, a circumflex is above an alphabetical symbol in order to indicate a specific pronunciation, usually different from that of the unaccented letter. Circumflexes may be written over vowels as in French or over consonants as in Esperanto.
2. Curving around: Blood vessels are one kind of a circumflex in the body.
3. Etymology: from Latin circumflexus, past participle of circumflectere, "to bend around" + flectere, "to bend".
circumflex accent (s) (noun), circumflex accents (pl)
A mark or symbol that is used over a letter to show that it is pronounced in a certain way: For example, the circumflex accent of "o" as in "order" is (?r'duhr) or "circumflex" is (sûr' kuhm fl?ks').

Here are some other circumflex accents with short vowels with a curved symbol above each one: ?, ?, ?, ?, ? and the long vowels are represented by a horizontal line above each one: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

circumflexion (s) (noun), circumflexions (pl)
1. The act of bending, or causing something to assume a curved form.
2. A winding about; a turning; a circuity; a fold.
circumflexus (adjective), more circumflexus, most circumflexus
A reference to the form of the arc of a circle, bow-shaped; especially, with reference to the passage, arrangement, or formation of certain structures; such as, blood vessels and nerves.
circumfluence (s) (noun), circumfluences (pl)
1. A flowing around on all sides; encompassing.
2. Enclosing with a fluid.
3. An enclosure of waters.
circumfluent (adjective), more circumfluent, most circumfluent
Pertaining to flowing all around or surrounding a place or something.
circumfluous (adjective), more circumfluous, most circumfluous
circumfulgent (adjective), more circumfulgent, most circumfulgent
Shining around or about.
circumfuse (verb), circumfuses; circumfused; circumfusing
1. To pour around; to diffuse.
2. To surround as with a fluid.
3. To spread something around something else.
circumfusion (s) (noun), circumfusions (pl)
1. The act of pouring or spreading around.
2. The state of being poured around.
circumgemmal (adjective), more circumgemmal, most circumgemmal
A description of a form of nerve ending in which a bud like terminal is surrounded by nerve fibrils.
circumgyrate (verb), circumgyrates; circumgyrated; circumgyrating
1. To roll or to turn around.
2. To cause to perform a rotary or circular motion.
A boy is enjoying a circumgyration in a tire.

A boy is having fun as he circumgyrates in a car tire.

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circumgyration (s) (noun), circumgyrations (pl)
1. The act of turning, rolling, or whirling around.
2. A revolution or circular movement.
3. The turning of a limb of the body in its socket.
circuminsular (adjective), more circuminsular, most circuminsular
Relating to the encircling or situated at the periphery of the cerebral insula.
circumintestinal (adjective), more circumintestinal, most circumintestinal
Relating to the area that is situated at or occurring around the intestine.

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