pond-, -pond

(Latin: weight, weigh; heavy; to consider, to think about; closely related to this pend-, "hang, weigh, to hand down" unit of words)

preponderancy (s) (noun), preponderancies (pl)
Superiority or excess of weight, influence, or power, etc.; an outweighing: The preponderancies of unemployed people during these bad economic times have resulted in more people who need financial help.
preponderant (adjective); more preponderant, most preponderant
Pertaining to the main thing or that which is more important or has more influence than someone or something else: There seems to be preponderant situations in which there is a lack of jobs for people all around the world.
Superior in weight, force, and strength.
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preponderantly (adverb), more preponderantly, most preponderantly
Pertaining to being dominant in influence, number, or importance: Maureen was more and more preponderantly convinced that her self-published vocabulary book would help an increasing number of students learn a greater amount of words than those of any other publication she had ever seen.
preponderate (verb), preponderates; preponderated; preponderating
To be more important or significant: When anything preponderates something else, it outweighs it in status and distinction.

There were many kinds of animals at the local shelter, however cats preponderated in this one.

The disadvantages of the current economy is preponderating over the advantages.