(Latin: from -icalis, a suffix that forms adjectives from nouns; of or having to do with; having the nature of; constituting or being; containing or made up of; made by or caused by; like, characteristic of; art or system of thought; chemical terms)

Pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe.
A reference to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin, history, structure, and dynamics of the universe.
Referring to universal politics or interests.
Circumtropical; occurring throughout the tropics.
A reference to or connecting the ribs and the neck.
Concerning the ribs and neck.
A reference to craniology or the scientific study of the shapes, sizes, and other characteristics of human skulls.
cynical (adjective), more cynical, most cynical
Pertaining to those who believe that other people care only about themselves and so they are not sincere or honest: Many people are cynical citizens and they are skeptical about their political leaders.

With his cynical attitude, Adam doesn't trust anyone.

Sarcastic remarks.
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An inclination to question the sincerety of people's actions or values.
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A reference to cynology or a natural history about dogs.
1. Descriptive of the study of demons or superstitions about demons.
2. Characterized by the doctrine of demons.
The science of arranging events in the order of time by the comparative study of the annual growth rings in (ancient) timber.
A reference to the work of a dental technician.
Relating to philosophical theories that state that the moral content of an action is not wholly dependent on its consequences.