(Latin: from -icalis, a suffix that forms adjectives from nouns; of or having to do with; having the nature of; constituting or being; containing or made up of; made by or caused by; like, characteristic of; art or system of thought; chemical terms)

A reference to the science dealing with the relationship between the geochemistry of a given region and its flora and fauna, including the circulation of such elements as carbon and nitrogen between the environment and the cells of living organisms.
biogeographical (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to the study of the geographic or earthly distribution of living organisms: Mrs. Thompson found a book in the library dealing with the biogeographical aspects of plants and animals.
1. Pertaining to living organisms or life processes.
2. A reference to the products and operations of applied biology.
3. Any substance, as a serum or vaccine, derived from animal products or other biological sources and used to treat or to prevent disease.
1. Pertaining to those aspects of the natural sciences, especially the biologic and physiologic sciences, that relate to or underlie medicine.
2. Biological and medical, i.e., encompassing both the science(s) and the art of medicine.
3. A reference to or relating to both biology and medicine.
4. Of or having to do with medicine considered in the context of the biological sciences, with emphasis on its relationship to the basic sciences underlying clinical practice.
1. A reference to the science that deals with the application of physics to biological processes and phenomena.
2. Relating to the science dealing with the mechanical and electrical properties of the parts of living organisms.
1. Characterized by bombast; highsounding; inflated.
2. Of or pertaining to the padding of garments.
botanical (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of the study of plants: In class, Mr. Tree suggested that his students buy a botanical textbook that they could use for the rest of the year.
1. Pertaining to shepherds; pastoral.
2. A reference to, or suggesting, an idyllic rural life; a pastoral poem. 3. Formerly: a farmer; a shepherd; rustic.
1. A reference to an evil, or bad, spirit, devil, or demon.
2. Relating to, involving, or resembling demons; demoniac.
cacographical (adjective), more cacographical, most cacographical
Relating to bad handwriting: Cacographical penmanship is poor or illegible handwriting.

Cacographical writing is characterized by the presentation of poor spelling skills when writing.

calligraphical (adjective), more calligraphical, most calligraphical
A reference to artistic and superb forms of lettered presentations.
To be cathartic or purifying.