title, -title, titu-, tild-

(Latin: titulus; inscription on a tomb or altar; a label, a heading in a book or other composition)

Talking about other people's lives which is usually unkind or not true: "They know that tittle-tattle about the movie star helps to sell newspapers."
titular (TICH yoo luhr , TIK yoo luhr, TICH yuh luhr; TIT yoo luhr, TIT yuh luhr)
1. Referring to or relating to someone who has an important official title, rank, or position; but who has no real power or authority to exercise the functions usually associated with it: "The king was the titular head of the country; however, the prime minister had the political power."

"She is the titular head of the family."

2. Derived from or figuring in the title of a work; such as, a book or a movie: "He had a titular role in a movie."
3. Etymology: from Latin titulus, "title".
titular ruler, titular head
1. A person who is in an official position of leadership and who possesses few, if any, actual powers.

Sometimes such a person may be in a position of titular leadership and yet exercise more power than would normally be expected, because of his or her personality, popularity, or experience.

A titular ruler or a titular head is not restricted to political leadership, but it can also refer to an organization; such as, a corporation, an industry , a government position, or any other group.

2. Etymology: Formed from a combination of the Latin titulus, "title" and the English suffix -ar, which means "of" or "belonging to".
1. A reference to holding or constituting a purely formal position or title without any real authority: "The queen of England is the titularly indicated head of the Church of England.
2. Relating to, by or regarding, a title; such as, the work's titularly popular song.
3. Etymology: from Old English titul, reinforced by Old French title, both from Latin titulus, "inscription, title".

The word originally indicated "a placard or inscription placed on an object, giving information about it"; and then, "a descriptive heading in a book or other composition".

titulary (TICH uh ler" ee), titularies (TICH uh ler" eez)
A titleholder; a titular.
Without a title, a position, an office, or a position in a large and powerful organization; especially, a government.
A descriptive term indicating that there is no title, position, office, nor a place in an organization; including government or any official association.