-etic, -etics

(Greek: -etikos, an adjective suffix meaning "pertaining to, of the nature of" for nouns ending in -esis)

biogenetic hydrocarbon
Naturally occurring hydrocarbon compounds, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are emitted from trees and vegetation.

High VOC-emitting tree species; such as, eucalyptus can contribute to smog formation, and therefor the relative emission rates of various species can be a consideration in large-scale tree plantings.

biomimetic (adjective), more biomimetic, most biomimetic
Relating to a substance or process that uses the simulating of nature in man-made systems, products, etc.
1. Characterized by or performed by slow movement.
2. Denoting a method of showing the details of motor action by motion pictures taken very rapidly and shown very slowly.
caenogenetic, cenogenetic
1. Of recent origin.
2. Characterized by recent origins or development.
cardioesthetic (adjective), more cardioesthetic, most cardioesthetic
A reference to the feeling associated with the heart: Sharon felt a sudden cardioesthetic sensation while she was doing her housework, so she contacted her doctor who came to examine her.
cenesthetic (adjective), more cenesthetic, most cenesthetic
Relating to an abnormal feeling either of euphoria, or of malaise, such as that which may take place in a delirious condition: As a result of a prolonged fever, Thora experienced a cenesthetic feeling associated with delirium.
1. Concerning bile secretion.
2. An agent that promotes bile secretion by the liver.
The process and formation of chyle; such as, the chylopoetic organs.
cosmetic (s) (noun), cosmetics (pl)
1. A preparation; such as, powder or a skin cream that is designed to beautify the body by direct application: Cosmetics are substances especially prepared to improve, beautify, and generally increase the attractiveness of a person.

Preparations of cosmetics are therefore intended to promote the health and beauty of the complexion, hair, hands, and nails of the hands and even of the feet.

2. Something superficial that is used to cover a physical deficiency or defect: Even men utilize cosmetics to enhance their physical appearances.
3. An item that is decorative rather than functional: As a hobby, Henry likes to put special fenders on cars that are cosmetic.
Relating to the branch of astrophysics that studies the origin and evolution and structure of the universe.