-etic, -etics

(Greek: -etikos, an adjective suffix meaning "pertaining to, of the nature of" for nouns ending in -esis)

1. Descriptive of processes which restore energy with the formation of energy-rich compounds.
2. A reference to anakinesis or an autocatalytic process, thought to be characteristic of living matter, by which certain molecules or atoms are rendered rich in energy and consequently reactive.
analphabetic (adjective), more analphabetic, most analphabetic
A reference to the inability to read or to write: Mrs. Nelson was concerned about the analphabetic state of some of her students and so she created special lessons for them.
Producing masculine characteristics; a reference to androgenesis.
Relating to, causing, or regulating constriction or dilation of blood vessels.
Forming ankylosis or the fusion of bones across a joint resulting in the complication of chronic inflammation.
anoetic (adjective), more anoetic, most anoetic
A reference to the lack of any ability to concentrate: Due to severe worries about repaying his university loan, Lamont realized that he was experiencing an anoetic condition and could not focus on his studies.
1. Tending to check vomiting.
2. A medicine of this nature.
anticosmetic (adjective), more anticosmetic, most anticosmetic
A reference to a preparation that is destructive or injurious to beauty.
antipathetic (an" ti puh THET ik) (adjective), more antipathetic, most antipathetic
A reference to a strong feeling of dislike, aversion, or repugnance against someone or something: Jane's father could not hide his antipathetic attitudes toward her new boyfriend.
Naturally contrary or adverse.
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Of or pertaining to elements or techniques used in a poem not conventionally thought to be suitable or traditional.
1. In zoology, relating to or characterized by coloration serving as natural camouflage.
2. Assuming colors and forms that effect deceptive camouflage.
3. Relating to the protective resemblance to some part of the environment or to the markings of another species for the purpose of disguise.
4. Serving to conceal by deceptive camouflage.
apathetic (ap" uh THET ik) (adjective), more apathetic, most apathetic
1. Relating to a lack of emotion or a reduced level of activity: Dr. Diedrich thought that Nora's apathetic behavior was the beginning of a significant form of depression.
2. Descriptive of a lack of interest and having no concern about something or someone: The apathetic turnout at the election suggested that the voters were unconcerned about the reelection of the mayor.
Not interested and feeling no emotion.
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Listless and not paying attention.
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Listless and not paying attention.
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