volt +

(unit of measurement of electromotive force, or pressure, in an electrical circuit, or 'push', named for Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) renowned for his pioneering work in electricity)

voltage-dependent resistor, varistor
A two-electrode semiconductor device having a voltage-dependent nonlinear resistance.

Its resistance drops as the applied voltage is increased.

voltage-keyed, voltage keyed
A description of a system that incorporates a mechanical identifier on batteries and devices to ensure that only batteries of the correct voltage are connected to the device.
voltage-reference tube, voltage reference tube
A gas tube whose voltage drop is approximately constant over the operating range of current and is also relatively stable with time at fixed values of current and temperature.
voltage-regulated AC power supply, voltage regulated AC power supply
A power supply that operates from an AC line and delivers a regulated AC output voltage, usually adjustable, at the same frequency or at some other frequency.
voltage-regulating transformer, voltage regulating transformer
1. A power transformer that delivers an essentially constant output voltage over a wide range of input voltage values.
2. Saturated-core type of a transformer that holds output voltage to within a few percent (5% above or below normal) with input variations up to 20% above or below normal;.

Considerable harmonic distortion results unless extensive filters are utilized.

voltage-regulator diode, voltage regulator diode
1. A diode in which the voltage is independent of the current for a considerable range of current values; such as, a Zener diode or a two-terminal semiconductor junction device with a very sharp voltage breakdown as a reverse bias is applied.

The diode may be used as the main component of a simple voltage regulator, or as a constant voltage reference for a more elaborate voltage regulator circuit.

2. A diode that maintains an essentially constant direct voltage in a circuit despite changes in line voltage or load.
voltage-regulator tube, voltage regulator tube, VR tube
1. A glow-discharge tube that maintains an essentially constant tube voltage drop over the operating range of current.
2. A glow-discharge tube in which the tube voltage drop is approximately constant over the operating range of current.

It is used to maintain an essentially constant direct voltage in a circuit despite changes in line voltage or load.

voltage-sensitive resistor, voltage sensitive resistor
A resistor whose value varies with applied voltage over at least a part of its voltage range.

It might consist of one or more mineral crystals or two or more metallic oxide disks, but it does not have rectifying properties.

voltage-stabilizing tube, voltage stabilizing tube
A gas-filled tube normally working with a glow discharge in that part of the characteristic where the voltage is practically independent of current.
voltage-standing-wave ratio, voltage standing wave ratio, VSWR
The ratio of the amplitude of the electric field or voltage at a voltage minimum to that at an adjacent maximum in a stationary-wave system; as in a waveguide, coaxial cable, or other transmission line.
voltage-to-frequency converter, V/F converter
1. A device that converts an analogue input voltage into a sequence of digital pulses with a frequency that is proportional to the input voltage.
2. A converter that has an output frequency which is a function of some reference or control signal.

This digital output can be fed into a computer for a process control or for other applications.

voltage-tunable tube, voltage tunable tube
An oscillator tube that has an operating frequency which can be varied by changing one or more of the electrode voltages; as in a backward-wave magnetron.
voltage-type telemeter, voltage-type telemeter
A telemeter that employs the magnitude of a single voltage as the translating procedure.
An old term that refers to a battery that produces constant voltage.
A reference to electricity produced by chemical action.

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly and/or indirectly, with "electricity": electro-; galvano-; hodo-; ion-; piezo-; -tron; biomechatronics, info; mechatronics, info.