cervic-, cervico-, cervici-, cervi- +

(Latin: neck; head-joint, throat)

Here is a special article about the Neck and Throat.

Referring to the back of the neck and the bregma (the place on the skull at the top of the forehead where the frontal bone and the two parietal bones meet).
Inflammation of the cervix and vagina.
Referring to the neck and the back.
Pain in the neck or a neck pain.
cervicofacial (adjective), more cervicofacial, most cervicofacial
Relating to the neck and the face.
cervicogenic headache
A headache; especially, such pain that comes from the back of the neck and head
cervicography (s) (noun), cervicographies (pl)
A technique for photographing part or all of the uterine cervix.

Cervicography is a diagnostic medical procedure in which a non-physician takes pictures of the cervix and submits them to a physician for interpretation.

The procedure of Cervicography is considered a screening test for cervical cancer.

Pertaining to or involving the neck and the arm.
cervicolingual (adjective)
Pertaining to the lingual surface of the neck of a tooth; also linguocervical.
Referring to or affecting the muscles of the neck.
A reference to the neck and the occiput (back part of the head or skull).
Pertaining to the neck and the muscles of the orbit (bony cavity in which the eyeball sits together with its associated muscles, blood vessels, and nerves).
Plastic surgery on the cervix of the uterus or on the neck.
Referring to the neck and the scapula (the flat, triangular bone in the back of the shoulder; the shoulder blade).
A reference to the neck and the thorax (the chest, or area of the body located between the neck and the abdomen that contains the lungs, the heart and part of the aorta).

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