penna- +

(Latin: feather, feathers; by extension in some situations, wing, wings)

Having flat, broad wings.
Having four wings; a special reference to insects.
Terretur minimo pennae stridore columba unguibus, accipiter, saucia facta tuis. (Latin idiom)
O hawk, the dove that's been wounded by your talons is frightened by the least flutter of a feather.

A Latin idiom. The French, Italians, and Spanish have an equivalent idiom: "A scalded cat is afraid of cold water." Another similar idiom: "A burned child is afraid of a puff of smoke."

1. In botany, leaves, pinnately divided three times.
2. Divided into pinnae that are subdivided into smaller, further subdivided leaflets or lobes, as in many ferns.
In some muscles, the fibers are oblique and converge, like the plumes of a quill pen, to one side of a tendon which runs the entire length of the muscle.

Related "feather, feather-like; soft down, plumage" word units: pinni-, pin-; plum-, -plume; pterido-; ptero-; ptilo-.