cern-, cert-, cer-; cret-, creet-, cre-

(Latin: to separate, to sift, to distinguish, to understand, to decide, to determine; separated, separation, to set apart; the glandular extraction or the movement out of a natural substance)

Used to express the ability a person has to distinguish, or to perceive, something with the eyes and the mind. Related to crit-; as in criticize, diacritical, critique, etc.

secretin (s) (noun), secretins (pl)
A hormone secreted by the duodenal mucosa that stimulates sodium bicarbonate secretion by the pancreas and bile secretion by the liver.
secretinase (s) (noun), secretinases (pl)
An enzyme which is present in blood serum that inactivates the hormone secretions by the duodenal mucosa.
secretion (s) (noun), secretions (pl)
1. The process of producing a substance from the cells and fluids within a gland or organ and discharging it.
2. A substance formed and discharged by a cell, tissue, gland, or organ.

If the material leaves the gland through a duct; such as, saliva, it is called an exocrine secretion; if it enters the blood or lymph; for example insulin, it is called an endocrine secretion.

secretive (adjective), more secretive, most secretive
1. Characteristic of being unwilling to reveal information: Little Jimmy was being very quiet and secretive in his room while he was drawing a nice picture for his mother as a surprise birthday present.
2. A reference to having or marked by an inclination of not being open, forthright, or frank: When Celia asked her teenage daughter where she got the expensive make-up, she was very secretive about it, not wanting her mother to know that she had actually stolen it from a department store.
Conveying secrecy by concealing.
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secretively (adverb), more secretively, most secretively
In an unrevealing manner or with a preference for not sharing information with anyone else: When Elizabeth was asked what she thought of the new Chief Executive Officer of the company, she was secretively quiet and refused to make any comments about him; especially, since she was his secretary.
secretly (adverb) (not comparable)
1. Characterized by something that is kept hidden from others or is known only to oneself or to a few.
2. Relating to something that remains beyond understanding or explanation; a mystery.
3. A reference to a method or formula on which success is based.
secretomotor (s) (noun), secretomotors (pl)
Something, especially a nerve, that stimulates secretion.
secretory (adjective), more secretory, most secretory
A reference to or promoting secretion; capable of secreting.
secretory fiber (s) (noun), secretory fibers (pl)
A peripheral motor nerve fiber that innervates glands and stimulates secretion: The secretory fibers are also known as "centrifugal nerve fibers" which discharge emissions from various parts of the body to carry on special functions for normal physical activities.
uncertain (adjective), more uncertain, most uncertain
1. Not exactly known or decided; not definite or fixed: "The time of departure is still uncertain."
2. Not sure or having some doubt about something: "The family remains uncertain about their plans for the summer."
3. Likely to change; not constant or dependable: "The nation faces a financially uncertain future.
uncertainty (s) (noun), uncertainties (pl)
1. The quality or state of being in doubt: "There is some uncertainty about the auto company's future."
2. Something that is doubtful or unknown: "Life is full of uncertainties.