centro-, centr-, centri-, kentro-

(Greek > Latin: center; middle point, mid point; focus, focal point, focalize; zero in on)

This element originally meant "sharp point, goad" or "spur".

archecentric (adjective), more archecentric, most archecentric
1. The original model from which later things evolved or developed: Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is considered to be an archecentric film, or the basis for many horror films that were developed later.
2. In ornithology, pertaining to the simple kind of intestine: Jane wondered if birds still had archecentric body parts, or if such parts developed over time.
auto-ID center
A non-profit collaboration between private companies and academia that pioneered the development of an internet-like infrastructure for tracking goods globally through the use of RFID tags.
barycenter (s), barycenters (pl) (nouns)
The center of mass in any system of celestial objects moving under mutual gravity; used primarily with reference to the earth-moon system.
barycentric (adjective)
bicentric (adjective)
bicentricity (s), bicentricities (pl) (nouns)
1. Having two points or places that are equally distant from the sides or outer boundaries of something.
2. The point around which something or an object rotates or revolves.
biocentric (adjective)
1. Regarding or treating life as a very important fact.
2. Having life as a principal fact or of great significance.
center (s), centers (pl) (nouns)
center, centers; centered; centering (verbs)
A spread of centerfolds.
centering (s), centerings (pl) (nouns)
Of one hundred (metrical) feet.
central (adjective), more central, most central
1. Concerning something that is in the center: Mr. Timmons asked the officer where the central train station of the town was.
2. Pertaining to something very important; main; principal: The central idea for saving money was talked about among the family members.
central bradycardia
Slow heart rate due to disease of the central nervous system, particularly that which is associated with increased intracranial pressure.