esse, sent-, terest-

(Latin: to be)

omnipresent (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to being present in all places at all times: Some problems that 90-year-old George has are omnipresent and unavoidable including mental and physical conditions.

So many people are suffering in poverty as an omnipresent existence.

A reference to being present at all times.
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present (adjective); more present, most present
1. Pertaining to the current time: The present principal of the school has been there for many years.
2. Concerning the nearest locality or area: Many people were present when the accident happened.

Perhaps there is a doctor present who could look at Jack's wound.
3. Alert; focused; attentive: Sam was looking out the window during the math lesson and certainly wasn't present and concentrating on what the teacher was explaining.
4. In grammar, the verb tense that shows an activity or action occurring regularly, sometimes, usually: The present tense in the following example is "goes": James always goes to the fitness studio on Mondays and Thursdays.
5. Pertaining to something that exists within another thing: Milk contains vitamins, and a special kind of vitamin D is even present in breast milk!

presentable (adjective), more presentable, most presentable
1. Suitable to be seen in public by being tidy or well-groomed: She had to get up early to make herself presentable before leaving for school.
2. Regarding something that is quite good, satisfactory, or adequate: After having worked 2 months at the cabinet maker's, Sam learned to make some very presentable bookcases!
presentably (adverb), more presentably, most presentably
Regarding how something is done in an acceptable and proper manner: The original painting hung presentably above the fireplace for everyone to see.

Mary always dresses presentably when she goes to the theater or to the opera.

presentation (s) (noun), presentations (pl)
1. The awarding or giving of something to a person, particularly during an official or formal event: At the graduation ceremony, all the graduating students were excited about the presentation of their certificates.
2. The way or style of something that is offered or displayed: For the culinary competition Nadine tried to perfect her presentation of the dishes of vegetables she had prepared so as to win the first prize!
3. A verbal discourse in which a brand-new idea, merchandise, or piece of work is not only shown, but explained to the listeners: The salesman did his best with his presentation, also by displaying his goods in order to sell as much as possible.
4. A formal acquaintance of an individual, notably in court: In the story she was reading, the queen requested a presentation of the girl whom her son thought he wanted to marry.
5. In medicine, the position of the baby in relationship to the neckline opening to the uterus at the time of giving birth: Just before delivery of her first child, Dr. Thompson checked and confirmed the correct fetal presentation and soon after Jane had a healthy child in her arms!
6. The initial or first examination and diagnosis of a patient: After reading through the presentation of Jane's check-up, Dr. Black decided to take another blood sample for testing.
quintessence (s) (noun), quintessences (pl)
1. The most important part of something: A musician told his audience that the quintessence of music is the melody.
2. A perfect example of something: Henry was the quintessence of calmness when his wife Mildred told him that their car had a dent in the fender because someone else had backed into it while it was parked at the supermarket.
3. Etymology: from Latin quinta essentia, "fifth essence."
The most perfect example.
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1. Representing the perfect example of a class or quality; a perfect experience.
2. The essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form.
3. Being the most typical example or the most important part of something.