(Latin: to be lenient [toward], accede, take pleasure [in]; originally, "to be kind, kindness; to be long-suffering, to be patient")

Doing anything to an excessive degree or quantity.
An excess of something; such as, eating, intemperance, immoderation, lack of restraint or balance.
A reference to yielding excessively to person's wishes or desires.
self-indulgence, self indulgence
1. Excessive indulgence of one's own appetites and desires.
2. A lack of self-control in pursuing a person's own pleasure or satisfaction.
3. Something showing no self-control or which reveals a lack of self-restraint.
self-indulgences, self indulgences
Excesses in actions and human desires; especially, in passion or self-gratifications.
self-indulgent, self indulgent
Allowing oneself to have or to do whatever he or she wants to do which is excessive or wasteful; such as, a self-indulgent lifestyle or a self-indulgent eater, etc.
self-indulgently, self indulgently
A reference to satisfying a person's desires, weaknesses, appetites, etc., too readily or without any significant resistance.