(Latin: to encourage, to urge strongly)

hortation (s) (noun), hortations (pl)
hortative (adjective), more hortative, most hortative
hortatively (adverb), more hortatively, most hortatively
hortatory (adjective), more hortatory, most hortatory
1. A reference to strongly urging or encouraging someone, or others, to do something by giving them confidence that they will be successful: Mr. Smith was giving a hortatory speech to his students who were apparently being overwhelmed by the exam that was coming up the next week.

There are some coaches who try to motivate their teams with hortatory speeches during halftime in the locker rooms to keep them focused on winning.

2. Pertaining to giving advice: When Jim was not getting up from bed, even though the alarm clock was ringing, he had a mental hortatory warning that he had to get up now so he could get ready and not be late for school.
Descriptive of trying to urge others to perform successfully.
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