divid-, divis-

(Latin: to separate; a separation)

redivide (verb), redivides; redivided; redividing
To repeat the process of separating or portioning something: Natalie's mother had to redivide the sandwiches at the picnic so everyone would have his or her fair share.

The supervisor at the construction site had to redivide the work among his employees in order to avoid overburdening anyone.

redivision (s) (noun), redivisions (pl)
The redistribution of something into sections or unconnected parts: The redivision of the climbing equipment among the mules took time before the climbing expedition could get started.
subdivide (verb), subdivides; subdivided; subdividing
To split something into smaller pieces or parts: Using the microscope, the students could watch the cells subdivide several times.

The producers had to subdivide the TV program because it would have been too long to be presented in one segment.

subdivider (s) (noun), subdividers (pl)
Someone who cuts or severs larger items into smaller parts: The subdivider bought a large plot of land with the intention of reducing it into smaller housing lots.
subdivision (suhb" di VIZH uhn, SUHB di vizh" uhn) (s) (noun), subdivisions (pl)
1. A section of an area or a part of something that is already broken up: The contractor's plan calls for the subdivision of the property into several building lots.
2. A section of something which is itself complete but is part of a larger composition: The sports section of Karl's newspaper has a large subdivision in it on the weekends for its numerous athletic fans.
3. The process, instance, or state of being detached into parts again following earlier separations: The subdivisions of the menu listings indicated that certain foods were prepared with nuts which was important for customers who might have allergies.
undivided (adjective) (not comparable)
Neither distracted nor dispersed into sections: Shirley had Sam's undivided attention when she was describing the composition of the musical arrangement.
undivisible (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Characterized as not being disconnected: Laura had a friend whose personality is undivisible from her professional work ethic.
2. Complete or total: Hayden has undivisible property because it is too small.

Roy gave Lina his undivisible attention as she was explaining what happened at work.