par-, para-

(Latin: to make ready, to get ready, to put in order; to furnish, to prepare)

parry (verb), parries; parried; parrying
1. To defend oneself by turning or pushing aside a punch, a weapon, etc.: Patrick parried a robber's attempt to hit him in the face, then struck the villain with his fist as hard as possible.
2. To avoid, to elude, or to circumvent a question or issue: The politician parried many of the reporters inquiries about his decisions to fire members of his staff.
3. Etymology: from Latin parare, "to make ready, to prepare".
To dodge questions with evasive replies.
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repair, repairs, repairing, repaired
1. To fix something that is broken or damaged.
2. The process of putting something in working order again.
3. To restore to a sound condition after being damaged or injured; to fix.
4. Etymology: from the late 14th century, "to mend, to put back in order"; from Old French reparer, which came from Latin reparare "to restore, to put back in order"; from re-, "again" + parare, "to make ready, to prepare".
reparation (s) (noun), reparations (pl)
1. A making of a payment for some wrong a person has done by supplying money to or otherwise helping someone who has been harmed in some way: The judge required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim.

There is no reparation George can make for breaking the priceless statue that he accidently bumped into at the museum.

2. The renewal of friendship or reconciliation: Mary's apology was the first step in the reparation of her relations with her sister.
3. The compensation for war damages that is produced by a defeated country: Reparations had to be paid because of the damage, injuries, deaths, etc. that were caused by the country that lost the war.
separate (verb), separates; separated; separating
1. Detached, disconnected, or disjoined.
2. Unconnected; distinct; unique: "There were two separate questions."
3. Being or standing apart; distant or dispersed: "She owned two separate houses."