par-, para-

(Latin: to make ready, to get ready, to put in order; to furnish, to prepare)

imperatively (adverb), more imperatively, most imperatively
Referring to a command or an order: "Mark's baseball coach always imperatively speaks to his team and they rush to obey his instructions."
imperial (adjective), more imperial, most imperial
1. Descriptive of the royal control of a country, particularly of a male or female ruler: “By imperial command, Marco Polo and his father were allowed to travel freely through China.
2. A reference to a supreme ruler over vast territories or colonies: "The last of the Imperial British rule effectively ended when control of Hong Kong returned to the Chinese in 1997."
3. Suggestive of a supreme authority: "Tanya’s mother runs the family household as if it were an imperial domain."
4. Pertaining to something superior in size and quality: "The Thompsons’ new house looks more like an imperial residence and makes the other homes in the neighborhood look ordinary."
imperialism (s) (noun) (usually no plural form)
imperialist (adjective), more imperialist, most imperialist
imperialistic (adjective), more imperialistic, most imperialistic
imperialize (verb), imperializes; imperialized; imperializing
To put or to endanger something or someone in a situation that involves possible injury, harm, or even death: Pamela was imperialized when she got into an accident while driving through a dangerous intersection.

People who smoke cigarettes, or cigars, definitely imperialize their health.

Sam told his administrator that he found out that his company was imperializing itself with bad investments.

imperially (adverb), more imperially, most imperially
imperious (adjective), more imperious, most imperious
Descriptive of showing or indicating arrogant superiority and disdain behavior for another person which he or she could consider insulting or contemptuous: Shareen gave Norbert a witheringly imperious look and walked away with her nose in the air.

Mary didn't agree with what her supervisor said about the project that she was working on, but his imperious tone ruled out the possibility of any discussion; at least for the present time.

Overbearing and arrogant.
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Domineering and lordly.
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Commanding and requiring obedience.
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imperiously (adverb), more imperiously, most imperiously
imperiousness (s) (noun) (no plural form)
Imperium in imperio. (Latin motto)
Translation: "An empire within an empire."

An early motto of the State of Ohio (1866-1868), USA.

In loco parentis. (Latin legal term)
Translation: "In the place of a parent."

Having the responsibilities or role of a parent, e.g. teachers during the time students are under their charge are in the legal position of a guardian. Anyone who serves in loco parentis may be considered to have responsibilities of guardianship, either formal or informal, over minors.

inhalation anesthesia apparatus
Any device or equipment which is used to induce general anesthesia; such as, an anesthesia machine, a full-face mask, a respiratory airway, an endotracheal tube, or a mechanical ventilator.
inhalation therapy apparatus
Any instrument that is utilized to improve the pulmonary (lung) function; such as, a full-face mask, an endotracheal airway, a mechanical ventilator, or anything which supplies oxygen.
inseparable (adjective), more inseparable, most inseparable
1. Prone to be bound together permanently; not able to be disjoined or treated separately: Doing medical research at the university is certainly inseparable from having studied medicine.
2. Regarding people who are not willing to part company or say goodbye: Sally and Susi were twins, completely inseparable, and always wore the same clothes to school.