(Latin: from res, thing, object, matter, circumstance; factual)

1. Lacking in reality or substance or genuineness.
2. Not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria.
3. Lacking in truth; not genuine; false; artificial.
4. Something that is contrived by art rather than nature; such as, "artificial sweeteners", "artificial flowers"; "artificial flavoring"; or "an artificial diamond".
1. Not compatible with reality or fact.
2. Unreasonably idealistic; such as, having unrealistic expectations.
3. Based on hopes or wishes, and not on what is likely or possible.
unreality (s), unrealities (pl)
The state or quality of being unreal (false) or something that is unreal.
unrealizable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Impossible to achieve or attain: Without proper education, a good job in a bank is unrealizable.
2. Incapable of being sensed or understood; unthinkable: It was unrealizable for Mrs. Hathaway to imagine her daughter leaving home the next day to live abroad so many thousands of miles away!