tribu-, trib-

(Latin: to assign, to allot, to bestow, to give, to grant; from tribe, to give out among the tribes was tribuere which is the source of many of the words located in this unit)

distribute (verb), distributes; distributed; distributing

To distribute money is to allot it in different directions.

distributer (s) (noun), distributers (pl)
distribution (s) (noun), distributions (pl)
distributive (adjective), more distributive, most distributive
distributively (adverb), more distributively, most distributively
retribution (ret" ruh BYOO shuhn) (s) (noun), retributions (pl)
Retaliation, punishment, or revenge on someone for doing a wrong, an injury, etc.: When the jury sentenced the murderer to be executed, the retribution was considered to be justly deserved.
Something that is given in repayment for an action; such as, punishment.
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retributive (adjective), more retributive, most retributive
retributively (adverb) (not comparative)
tribe (s) (noun), tribes (pl)
tribune (s) (noun), tribunes (pl)
tributary (s) (noun), tributaries (pl)
A stream that flows into a bigger stream or a river or into a lake: There are many tributaries that flow from other countries into the Rhine river in Germany and the Illinois River is a tributary of the Mississippi River in the U.S.

Naturally, most large rivers have many small tributaries flowing into them which is why it makes them as big as they are.

tribute (s) (noun), tributes (pl)