Calendar Names of Days and Months in Different Languages

(a compilation of several languages)

The dates displayed in these pages are based on a compilation of the phases of time as expressed in several languages with a presentation of fascinating facts, fantasies, and fallacies that have merged as elements of time.

The equivalents in all of the following languages have been written with Roman/Latin fonts (letters), even in those situations when a language actually employs different letter forms. For example, such languages as Greek, Georgian, Russian (Cyrillic), Hebrew, and Arabic are transliterated into the Roman/Latin-type fonts.

Thai (Siamese) months
hmok-ga-rah kohm (January)
goom-pah pahn (February)
mee-nah kohm (March)
mek-rsah yohn (April)
hpreut-sa-pah kohm (May)
hmit-too-nah yohn (June)
ga-hrahk-ga-dah kohm (July)
rsing-rhah kohm (August)
gahn-yah yohn (September)
dtoo-lah kohm (October)
hpreut-sa-ljih-gah yohn (November)
tahn-wah kohm (December)
—Based on information from
Robertson’s Practical English-Thai Dictionary edited by Richard G. Robertson;
Charles E. Tuttle Co. Publishers; Rutlan, Vermont & Tokyo, Japan; 1969.
Tibetan days
sadawa (Monday)
samimaa (Tuesday)
salhagpa, Wednesday sap’uubu (Thursday)
sapassang (Friday)
sapenpa (Saturday)
sanjima (Sunday)
Tibetan months
dawa d’angpo [month first] (January) dawa njiipa [month second] (February)
dawa ssumpa [month third] (March)
dawa schipa [month fourth] (April)
dawa ngapa [month fifth] (May)
dawa dr’ugpa [month sixth] (June)
dawa dünpa [month seventh] (July)
dawa gjäpa [month eighth] (August)
dawa gupa [month ninth] (September)
dawa tchupa [month tenth] (October)
dawa tchugtchipa [month eleventh] (November)
dawa tchu(ng)njiipa [month twelfth] (December)

—Based on information from
Tibetisch für Globetrotter by Florian Reissinger
by Peter Rump Verlags und Vertriebsges mbH; Bielefeld; Germany, 1990.