Calendar Names of Days and Months in Different Languages

(a compilation of several languages)

The dates displayed in these pages are based on a compilation of the phases of time as expressed in several languages with a presentation of fascinating facts, fantasies, and fallacies that have merged as elements of time.

The equivalents in all of the following languages have been written with Roman/Latin fonts (letters), even in those situations when a language actually employs different letter forms. For example, such languages as Greek, Georgian, Russian (Cyrillic), Hebrew, and Arabic are transliterated into the Roman/Latin-type fonts.

Czech (C"esky;) days
ponde'lí (Monday)
útery; (Tuesday)
str'eda (Wednesday)
c'tvrtek (Thursday)
pátek (Friday)
sobota (Saturday)
nede'le (Sunday)

Czech (C"esky;) months
leden (January)
únor (February)
br'ezen (March)
duben (April)
kve]ten (May)
c'erven (June)
c'ervenec (July)
srpen (August)
zár'í (September)
r'íjen (October)
listopad (November)
prosinec (December)

—Based on information from:

Eastern Europe Phrasebook by Richard Nebesky; Lonely Planet Publications;
Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia; 1992.

Berlitz East European Phrase Book, Berlitz Publishing Company, Ltd.;
Oxford, England; 1995.

Calendar: Praha 1996 by Ivan Král, Prag, Czech Republic, 1995.

Danish (Dansk) days
mandag, Monday
tirsdag (Tuesday)
onsdag (Wednesday)
torsdag (Thursday)
fredag (Friday)
lørdag (Saturday)
søndag (Sunday)

Danish (Dansk) months
Januar (January)
Februar (February)
Marts (March)
April (April)
Maj (May)
Juni (June)
Juli (July)
August (August)
September (September)
Oktober (October)
November (November)
December (December)

—Based on information from:
Say it in Danish by Gerda M. Andersen;
Dover Publications Inc.; New York, 1958.

Dutch days
Maandag (Monday)
Dinsdag (Tuesday)
Woensdag (Wednesday)
Donderdag (Thursday)
Vrijdag (Friday)
Zaterdag (Saturday)
Zondag (Sunday)

Dutch months
Januari (January)
Februari (February)
Maart (March)
April (April)
Mei (May)
Juni (June)
Juli (July)
Augustus (August)
September (September)
Oktober (October)
November (November)
December (December)

—Based on information from:
Say it in Dutch by Anna M. L. Hunningher;
Dover Publications Inc.; New York; 1958.

Egyptian days
yohm al-ahadd (Sunday)
yohm al-itnin (Monday)
yohm at-talat (Tuesday)
yohm al-arba‘a (Wednesday)
yohm al-khamis (Thursday)
yohm-al-gum’a (Friday)
yohm as-sabt (Saturday)

Egyptian months
yanayir (January)
fibrayir (February)
maris (March)
abril (April)
mayu (May)
yunyu (June)
yulyu (July)
aghustus (August)
sibtimbir (September)
’uktoobir (October)
nufimbir (November)
disimbir (December)

English days of the week

English months of the year

Esperanto days
lundo (Monday)
mardo (Tuesday)
merkredo (Wednesday)
àau"do (Thursday)
vendredo (Friday)
sabato (Saturday)
dimanc]o (Sunday)

Esperanto months
Januaro (January)
Februaro (February)
Marto (March)
Aprilo (April)
Majo (May)
Junio (June)
Julio (July)
Au""gusto (August)
Septembro (September)
Oktobro (October)
Novembro (November)
Decembro (December)

—Based on information from:
Teach Yourself Esperanto by John Cresswell and John Hartley;
The English Universities Press, Ltd.;
London, England, 1966.

Estonian (Esti keel) days
esmaspäev (Monday)
teisipäev (Tuesday)
kolmapäev (Wednesday)
neljapäev (Thursday)
reede (Friday)
laupäev (Saturday)
pühapäev (Sunday)

Estonian (Esti keel) months
jaanuar (January)
veebruar (February)
märts (March)
aprill (April)
mai (May)
juuni (June)
juuli (July)
august (August)
september (September)
oktoober (October)
november (November)
detsember (December)
—Based on information from:
Berlitz East European Phrase Book; Berlitz Publishing Company, Ltd.;
Oxford, England, 1995.

Ethiopian (Amharic) days
sänbät (Sunday)
sänno (Monday)
maksänno (Tuesday)
rob, räbu (Wednesday)
hamus, amus (Thursday)
arb (Friday)
sänbät, qadame (Saturday)