carus, cara

(Latin: beloved, loved; dearly, dear; high-priced, costly; valued)

From Latin carus (masculine), cara (feminine), carum (neuter)

cherishingly (adverb), more cherishingly, most cherishingly
Regarding or treating something as an object of affection or as valuable: Samuel and Sally cherishingly regarded their friendship as being very important.
cherishment (s) (noun), cherishments (pl)
Encouragement; comfort.
incharitable (adjective), more incharitable, most incharitable
Relating to being unloving or unfeeling: Because of her uncharitable and insensitive character, Nancy did not have any friends and she never married or had any children.
uncharitableness (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
1. A lack of care or love.
2. An unfairness or unkindness.