harmon- +

(Greek > Latin: a fitting together, joining, proportion, concord, agreement, musical harmony)

Without harmony; discordantly.
A lack of hrmony.
A lack of harmony, accord, or agreement.
Not harmonic nor harmonious.
panharmony, panharmonic
1. Universal or general harmony.
2. Adapted to all the harmonies or musical modes.
b. Universally harmonic or harmonizing with everything.
philharmonic (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Conveying a devotion to or a special appreciation for music: Shirley possessed a philharmonic talent because she was able to distinguish and recognize the music of many composers and their masterpieces and she was also a talented pianoist.
2. A description of an orchestra, choir, or society that promotes the study, performance, and appreciation of classical music: There were many people in Sharon's village who loved music so much that they founded a philharmonic club which invited small groups of musicians to come and to perform in their little church.

Every month David's family went to the city to enjoy the philharmonic ensembles, or chamber groups, that performed highly artistic music.

A love for musical harmony.
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1. A piece of music whose original harmony has been revised.
2. The technique of taking an existing melodic line and altering the harmony which accompanies it.
reharmonize, reharmonizing
To bring into harmony again.
1. A wave with a frequency that is a fraction of a fundamental frequency.
2. An oscillation that has a frequency which is an integral submultiple of the frequency of a related oscillation.
synharmonic, synharmonical
Having a common harmonic relation with others.
1. A musical keyboard instrument operating by alternating currents of electricity which, on impulse from the keyboard, produce music at a distant point via telephone lines.
2. An instrument for producing music at a distant point, or points, by means of alternating currents of electricity controlled by an operator who plays on a keyboard.

The music is produced by a receiving instrument similar to, or analogous to, the telephone; but not held to the ear. The pitch corresponds with the frequency of the alternation of currents.

1. Not harmonious; discordant; unmelodious.
2. Not yielding or producing harmonious sounds.
3. Not congenial or compatible; discordant.
4. Not exhibiting harmony or agreement.
1. In a discordant manner.
2. Unmusical; discordant.