prob-, proba-, probat-, prov-

(Latin: upright, good, honest; to try, to test, to examine; to demonstrate)

1. Severe disapproval; disreputabl.
2. Strong condemnation or disapproval of somebody or something.
1. An act or expression of criticism and censure.
2. To censure or rebuke severely or angrily.
1. Deserving of reproof.
2. Worthy of reproof or censure.
reprove, reproves, reproved, reproving (verbs)
1. To voice or to convey disapproval of; to rebuke.
2. To find fault with; to admonish.
Not capable of improvement, melioration, or advancement to a better condition.
1. Not developed to full potential, as resources or the mind.
2. Not showing improvement, as regards to one's health, appearance, etc.
3. With reference to land, not fitted for a profitable use, as by clearing, cultivation, addition of facilities for dwelling or business purposes, etc.
4. Not used to advantage; neglected.
5. With animal or plant species; not made more useful or attractive by selective breeding or cultivation.
6. Not enhanced; not increased: "His chances of success are unimproved."
1. Not rebuked for a fault or misdeed.
2. Not subjected to reproof or rebuke.