arc, arc-, arci-, arch, arch-

(Latin: arcus, bow, a curved structure)

1. Music: With a bow. Used chiefly as a direction to indicate the resumption of bowing after a pizzicato passage.
2. A reference to the performance of a musical passage for stringed instruments with the bow.
arcograph (s) (noun), arcographs (pl)
1. An instrument for drawing a circular arc without the use of a central point; a cyclograph.
2. In geometry: An instrument for drawing arcs, having a flexible arc-shaped part adjusted by an extensible straight bar connecting its sides.
1. A type of tomb in Roman catacombs as well as Pagan and Christian burial places, consisting of an arched cell or niche, with a semi-circular vaulted ceiling.
2. In Roman catacombs, an arched recess for a sarcophagus.
arcuate, arcual, arcuation