Latin Proverbs, Mottoes, Phrases, and Words: Group V

(classical-language maxims, slogans, adages, proverbs, and words of wisdom that can still capture our modern imagination)

Expressions of general truths: Latin to English maxims, proverbs, and mottoes

All entries are from Latin unless otherwise indicated.

verbatim et litteratim
Word for word and letter for letter; accurately rendered. Sometimes this phrase is written as: verbatim et litteratim et punctatim; or as, "Word for word and letter for letter and point for point."
verbi gratia; v.g.
As for example.
Verbum sapienti sat est.
A word is enough for a wise man.

"A word to the wise is enough." A simple hint is sufficient for any intelligent person.


Motto of Harvard University, USA.

Veritas cum libertate.
Truth with liberty.

Motto of Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA.

Veritas et virtus.
Truth and virtue.

Motto of Mississippi College, Clinton, Mississippi, USA.

Veritas liberabit.
The truth will make you free.

Motto of Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, USA.

Veritas odium parit.
Truth breeds hatred.

"Truth can breed hatred", according to Terence, in his Andria, when one is too frank (blunt) with one's friends. Undiplomatic criticism (regardless of how truthful it may be) can also develop hatred with others.

Veritas omnia vincet.
Truth conquers all things.
Veritas simplex oratio est.
The language of truth is simple.

According to Sir Walter Scott:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!
Veritas vincit.
The truth overcomes.

Motto of Southern Missionary College, Collegedale, Tennessee, USA.

Veritas vos liberabit.
The truth shall make you free.

Motto of The Johns Hopkins University, USA and Bayview Glen School, Ontario, Canada. Another version of this motto, Veritas liberabit vos, "The truth will set you free" is the motto of Saint Augustine's College, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.


Motto of Manatee Jr. College, Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Translation: "Truth/morals/knowledge."

Motto of East Texas Baptist College, Marshall, Texas, USA.

Veritatis et acquitatis tenax.
Perservering in truth and justice.

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