(Latin: to fasten; to attach; from fixus, past participle of figere)

refix (verb), refixes; refixed; refixing
To attach again or to renew the establishment of something: Fred's family picture was crooked on the wall; so, he refixed it so it would be straight again.
suffix (s) (noun), suffixes (pl)
1. A letter, or group of letters, added to the end of a word or word part to form another term: Suffixes are clearly expressed with such elements as, -ly in "quickly", -ing in "talking", -ness in "gentleness", -ing in "walking", and -s in "sits".

Suffixes are also defined as groups of letters placed at the end of words to modify their meanings or to change them for different grammatical functions; for example, from adjectives to adverbs, etc.

2. Something added to the end of of something else: The suffix of the evening meal at June's birthday party was the singing of "Happy birthday" by the guests.
suffix (suh FIKS, SUHF iks) (verb), suffixes; suffixed; suffixing
1. To add a letter, or letters, to the end of a word to form a slightly different meaning: Examples of suffixed parts are -s and -ness as shown in "dogs" and "softness".
2. To include or to attach something to the end of another item: After asking his mother if he could go to the movie with his girlfriend, he made sure to suffix his request with, "please".
suffixation (s) (noun), suffixations (pl)
The formation of a word with an attachment at the end of a verbal element or word stem: Tommy learned how to use suffixations as he produced new and interesting terms for his short essay; for example, using an ed on some verbs to form past tenses or using ness at the end of some adjectives to form nouns.
suffixion (s) (noun), suffixions (pl)
Anything that is added to the end of something else: The couple was surprised by the suffixion of a free cup of coffee when they finished their dinner at the restaurant.
transfix (verb), transfixes; transfixed; transfixing
1. To pierce with or as if with a pointed weapon or other sharp object: In the movie, Fred saw an Indian transfix a cowboy by using a bow and arrow.
2. To render motionless, as with terror, amazement, or awe: The huge amount of snow which fell during the night completely transfixed little Max who saw it from his bedroom window when he woke up in the morning.
3. To shock or terrify somebody so much as to induce a momentary inability to move: The news that Alfred had an unknown brother living with a different family completely transfixed him.
4. To cut through a part of the body completely; such as, when amputating a bodily limb: The doctor had to completely transfix Jim's left hand because he had broken it so badly when he fell down on the ice.
To use a piercing look to hold someone in place.
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To hold or render someone motiontionless.
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transfixion (s) (noun), transfixions (pl)
1. That which holds a person motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc.: The -30°C. temperature caused Mary to have a condition of transfixion; so, she stayed inside her warm house the whole day!
2. Fascination, captivation, enthrallment: The sight of the brand new car that Jake bought caused a transfixion of his family who were expecting to see a used car.
unaffixed (adjective), more unaffixed, most unaffixed
Not attached: There were unaffixed postage stamps that came off the package while it was being processed by the mail handlers.
unfix (verb), unfixes; unfixed; unfixing
1. To loosen or to detach something: Because Greg's watch was not waterproof, he had to unfix it from his wrist before going swimming with his friends.
2. To upset the certainty or stability of something: Mary had such a disturbing experience with her boyfriend, that she decided to unfix her belief that she could trust him.
3. To render something that is no longer fastened; to detach; to loosen; to free: After gazing at the beautiful portrait of her mother when she was a young girl, Jane unfixed her eyes to look outside at the thunder storm that was going on.
unfixed (adjective), more unfixed, most unfixed
1. A reference to someone or something that moves or changes freely: Compared to birds that are restricted to living in cages, unfixed birds fly where and whenever they want to.
2. Relating to that which is wandering, erratic, or has no settled habitation: There are many homeless people who exist in unfixed conditions in cities where they sleep on sidewalks or in allies and beg people for money so they can buy alcoholic drinks or get something to eat, etc.
3. Characteristic of leaving a tranquil or peaceful condition to a disturbed mental or emotional situation: Jill has an unfixed friend who has been getting psychiatric treatment for several months because he can't control his mental feelings or his physical well-being.
visual fix (s) (noun), visual fixes (pl)
An observation of objects which are used in marine navigating: A visual fix is based on seeing the locations of known landmarks when sailing along the coasts of countries.

Related word families intertwined with "to place, placing, to put; to add; to stay; to attach" word units: pon-; prosth-; stato-; the-, thes-.