brachi-, brachio-

(Greek: arm [especially the upper arm from the shoulder to the elbow])

Means “arm lizard” from Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous Colorado, USA; Algeria; and Tanzania (where a complete skeleton was found). Named by Elmer S. Riggs (1859-1963) in 1903.
Brachiosaurus, Brachiosaur
A genus of huge dinosaurs, with the forelegs longer than the hind legs; also, an animal of this genus.
Conjoined twins joined from the forearms and shoulder to the pelvis.
The surgical removal of an arm, especially of a fetal arm to effect delivery. The procedure is considered to be obsolete.
cervicobrachial (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the neck and the arm: After falling down from the ladder, James complained about his neck and left arm hurting a lot, and after being examined by his doctor, he was told that he was suffering from a cervicobrachial injury that would have to have surgical treatment.
cervicobrachialgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in the neck and the arm: Cervicobrachialgia is a neuralgia in which pain extends from the cervical region to the arms or fingers.

Cervicobrachialgia is caused by compressed nerve roots of the cervical spinal cord.

cheirobrachialgia, chirobrachialgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Outdated, pain and paresthesia in the hand and arm: Since Tom had felt a prickling and itching in his right hand, and after his doctor examined him, Dr. Smart said that he probably had a case of cheirobrachialgia, and sent him to a specialist to make sure.
embrace (noun), embraces (pl)
The act of clasping someone in the arms closely; a hug: It had been 2 years since Jane's mom came to visit and they enjoyed a long embrace even before saying "hello" to each other!
embrace (verb), embraces; embraced; embracing
1. To hug someone in one's arms fondly, or to hug each other fondly: When Monika came home after work, she embraced her two children tenderly and affectionately.
2. To include or hold something as an essential part: After being asked about his interests while being interviewed, Doug mentioned that his activities in the field of music embraced many different instruments and kinds of music.
3. To support something, as a change, theory, or belief, readily and freely: The trainee teacher in school welcomed and embraced any new ideas and methods from the older and more experienced members of the staff.
embraceable (adjective), more embraceable, most embraceable
Inclined to hug someone in one's arms fondly, or to hug each other fondly: Little Mary was so cute and embraceable that her aunt just couldn't resist and clasped her closely.
1. A condition of having abnormally thick or long arms.
2. An abnormal size or length of an arm or arms.
An abnormal smallness of the arms.
monobrachia, monobrachius
A fetus with only one forelimb.
nudibrachiate (s) (noun), nudibrachiates (pl)
A reference to polyps or jellyfishes that have arms or tentacles which are not covered with cilia or hairs.