-acy, -cy

(Latin: suffix; state, quality, condition, or act of; forming nouns)

ergotocracy (s) (noun), ergotocracies (pl)
National areas which are controlled by workers or those who are in the working classes.
ethnocracy (s) (noun), ethnocracies (pl)
A form of government by a particular racial element of a country; race rule: Ethnocracies consist of particular ethnic groups that have disproportionate amounts of government power.
ethnopiracy, ethnothievery
1. The commercial development of naturally occurring biological materials (ethnobiological and ethnozoological); such as, plant substances or genetic cell lines, by a technologically advanced country or commercial organization without fair compensation to the peoples or nations in whose territory the materials were originally discovered.
2. Bioprospecting is one form of ethnopiracy which includes the collecting and testing of biological samples (plants, animals, micro-organisms) and the collecting of indigenous knowledge to help in discovering and exploiting genetic or biochemical resources with the primarily economic purposes of producing new drugs, crops, industrial products, etc.
fallacy (s) (noun), fallacies (pl)
1. That which is not realistic or has defects or errors in reasoning: There are many popular fallacies about medicine.
2. A statement or an argument that is not in accordance with facts, realities, or actualities: The fallacies presented by the two politicians were exposed by reporters on TV, the radio, and in newspapers.
3. Incorrectness of reasoning or belief; erroneousness: Josh's fallacy was that his company would have a big profit; however, it actually resulted in a big financial loss.
Female nature, feminality.
gerontocracy (s) (noun), gerontocracies (pl)
A system of government in which senior citizens are chosen as rulers: A gerontocracy consists of a governing group of elders or older people; apparently because they are more experienced.
A member of a gerontocracy or an elderly citizen who has been elected to rule a country.
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Samuel is the ruling leader of his gerontocracy.

gerontocratic (adjective), more gerontocratic, most gerontocratic
The system of government consisting of elderly men.
Government by an old woman or old women.
The ability to use and to understand such things as symbols, diagrams, plans, and maps.
Government by a woman or women; women as a ruling class.
A government ruled by a woman or women.
1. Government by a woman; a state in which women are legally capable of the supreme command; e.g. in Great Britain (Queen).
2. The government, or political rule, of women.
3. Government by a woman, or women; sometimes in a depreciative sense; "petticoat rule".
A government or sovereignty of people esteemed to be holy.
hierocracy (s), hierocracies (pl) (noun forms)
1. Government by church clergy or priests; ecclesiastical rule.
2. A body of religious clergy that rules a place or country.
3. Rulership by the church or by church officials.
Personal rule or government.