Dictionary with a Touch of Humor

(enjoying words with special points of view, sometimes humorous, and which are not found in a "regular" dictionary)

health spa
Waist=treatment plant.
hourglass figures (lexicomedy)
Figures with the sands of time usually ending up in the bottom half.
hung jury
Back to swear one.
Where people stay during nasty weather.
Lexicomedy: Will-gotten gains.
Baby fountain pen.
insufficient freeway lanes (lexicomedy)
The asphalt bungle.
Someone who can listen to the "William Tell Overture" without thinking of the Lone Ranger.
intuition (lexicomedy)
Hunch break.
Lexicomedy: Affrontispiece.
marriage (lexicomedy)
Not a word but a sentence.
medieval tournament
Lexicomedy: A joust cause.
minor earthquake tremor
Faults alarm.
money mad
Lexicomedy: When we look at what's happening to our money, we get mad.
A skin diver.

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