bio-, bi-, -bia, -bial, -bian, -bion, -biont, -bius, -biosis, -bium, -biotic, -biotical

(Greek: life; living, live, alive)

Don’t confuse this element with another bi- which means "two".

The most important things in life are not things.

Symbiosis or getting along with others for mutual benefits.

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Living with other species is an example of symbiosis and that is what you will see here.

An organism or species living in a state of symbiosis.
A reference to, or relating to, symbiosis.
1. Living together, social life.
2. Association of two different organisms (usually two plants, or an animal and a plant) which live attached to each other, or one as a tenant of the other, and contribute to each other’s support.

Also more widely, any intimate association of two or more different organisms, whether mutually beneficial or not.

3. The biological association of two or more species for their mutual benefit.
4. The mutual cooperation or interdependence of two people, as mother and infant, or husband and wife; sometimes used to denote excessive or pathological interdependence of two persons.

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1. Obtaining nourishment through symbiosis.
2. A reference to an organism obtaining nourishment through a symbiotic relationship.
An adventitious, and frequently temporary, association between two species of ants.
Joining by experimental procedures of two embryos end to end.
Descriptive of organisms living in bushes and shrubs.
Pertaining to death and life.
The study of the effects of heat on living organisms and biological processes.
Thriving at relatively high temperatures; such as, certain bacteria. Also known as thermophil or thermophilic.
Life forms that thrive in the presence of sulfur; such as, those inhabiting soil, sewage, etc., that derive energy from the oxidation of sulfur or sulfur compounds.
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