verbo-, verb-, verbi-

(Latin: word, words)

verbi gratia; v.g.
As for example.
verbiage (s) (noun), verbiages (pl)
1. An over abundance of the use of words without the necessity of so many of them; an excessive wordiness; as when writing or speaking: Mike had a contract to buy a house which was full of legal verbiage which made it necessary for him to consult another real-estate agent for explanations.
2. Etymology: from Latin verbum, "word."
Words used in excess of those that are necessary.
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Tending or liable to destroy the sense or value of a word.
1. The deliberate distortion of the sense of a word (as in punning).
2. May also refer to a person who distorts the sense of a word.
3. The killing of words; such as, a liar, book-burner, or someone who misuses words.
4. One who mutilates or destroys a word.
5. The act of destroying the sense or value of a word; the perversion of a word from its proper meaning.
6. Perversion of a word, or one who perverts a word; literally, killing a word.
Someone who coins words.
A word, as an infinitive, gerund or participle, which has some verbal characteristics but lacks the power of forming sentences.
verbify, verbifies, verbified, verbifying (verb forms)
To convert or to change a noun, etc. into a verb.
1. To repeat the same word, phrase, or sentence over and over again.
2. To go on repeating the same word or phrase in a meaningless fashion, as a symptom of mental disease.
1. The habit of frequently repeating favorite words or expressions.
2. The obsessive repetition of meaningless words and phrases.
3. In psychiatry, a manifestation of stereotypy, consisting of the morbid repetition of words, phrases, or sentences; also called cataphasia or autoecholalia.

A patient with the catatonic form of schizophrenia kept repeating “muscle, muscle, muscle,” in reply to all forms of questioning.

verbivore (s), verbivores (pl) (nouns)
Those who consume or devour words: "The student claimed that she was a verbivore because she was continuously looking for more words to add to her lists."
A type of synesthesia in which certain words evoke a sensation of color.
Someone who worships words.
The worship of words or an abnormal fondness for the excessive use of words either in writing or speaking.
1. Either an excessively rapid (pressured) speech or an excessive amount of speech.
2. An abnormal talkativeness; a psychotic flow of speech.
1. One who is inordinately interested in words.
2. A reference to the compulsion for excessive use of words and for talking very fast; a psychotic flow of speech.

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