tend-, tendo-, ten-, teno-, tenot-, tenonto-, tens-, tent-, -tend, -tension, -tent, -tense, -tensive, -tentious

(Greek > Latin: to move in a certain direction; to stretch, to hold out; tension; as well as tendon, sinew)

nonextended (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to something that is not stretched out: "Whenever there is a nonextended item, it is not elongated."
Inexcusable behavior or action; without excuses.
ostensible (adjective), more ostensible, most ostensible
1. A reference to something that seems to be or which is stated to be true or real; however, very likely not correct: Jake called a friend with the ostensible reason to say hello; however, the call was really made to talk to his daughter because he had a desire to get a date with her.
2. Etymology: from medieval Latin ostensibilis, from Latin ostens-, "stretched out to view"; from the verb ostendere; from ob-, "in view of" + tendere, "to stretch".
Pertaining to that which is claimed to be right but that is really not as claimed.
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A reference to being genuine when there is an ulterior motive.
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ostensibly (adverb)
From appearances or seems to be true or genuine, but not proven so it can be doubtful.
ostentation (s) (noun), ostentations (pl)
1. A showy display, as of wealth, knowledge, etc.; pretentiousness: Art was trying to impress the girl at his school with the ostentation that he knew all of the answers to the homework assignment that the teacher had given them for the test on the following day.
2. Etymology: from Latin ostentation-; from the verb ostentare, "to frequent" of ostendere "to stretch out to view".
A showiness that is meant to impress others.
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ostentatious (adjective), more ostentatious, most ostentatious
A reference to the presentation of wealth, knowledge, etc. in a way that is meant to attract attention, admiration or envy: Tim's daughter likes to display her ostentatious skills as a computer specialist.
Pertaining to displaying her expensive fur coat on the beach.
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A reference to a display of wealth with the use of big money bills on the walls.
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Displaying a very LARGE necklace to gain the attention of other people.
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1. Inflammation of the sheath of a tendon.
2. An inflammation of the tendon sheath.
1. The transparent serous (thin) membrane lining the abdominal cavity and reflected inward at various places to cover the visceral organs (organs inside the body).
2. The large membrane in the abdominal cavity that connects and supports internal organs.

It is composed of many folds which pass between or around the various organs.

Two folds are of primary importance: the omentum (double-layered fold of peritoneum that attaches the stomach to other organs in the abdominal cavity), which hangs in front of the stomach and intestine; and the mesentery (double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines), which attaches the small intestine and much of the large intestine to the posterior (back) abdominal cavity.

Inflammation of multiple tendons or tendon sheaths.
Tendinitis and bursitis occurring in multiple areas at the same time in the same patient.

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