senso-, sens-, sensi-, sensori-, sent-

(Latin: feeling, perception through physical awareness; to discern or detect by touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, etc.)

The words in this list refer either to physical or mental perceptions, or a combination of both of them.

insensitiveness (s) (noun) (no pl)
An action or behavior that is unkind, lacking in consideration: carelessness: The candidate for mayor demonstrated an insensitiveness towards the transportation needs of people who were living in the suburbs.
insensitivity (s) (noun), insensitivities (pl)
A lack of concern for the feelings or circumstances of other people: The newspaper has been reporting on what it considers the insensitivity of the federal government to the plight of refugees.
insensuous (adjective), more insensuous, most insensuous
Descriptive of that which does not effect the way one sees, hears, tastes, etc.: The flavor of the soup was so bland that Harrison described it as the most insensuous item on the menu of the restaurant.
insentience (s) (noun), insentiences (pl)
1. Anything which does not have physical perceptions: A rock may be described as being an insentience as it has no way of perceiving its environment, however it is ridiculous to say that animals are creatures of insentience!
2. Without consciousness or being inanimate and so without life: After her fall, Carol lay on the ground, apparently in a state of insentience, until she started to move her legs and arm.
insentient (adjective), more insentient, most insentient
A reference a person unable to feel or resembling a lifeless condition: The therapist was distracted during the interview with her client and seemed to have an insentient reaction to the underlying concerns that were being discussed.
meteorosensitive (adjective), more meteorosensitive, most meteorosensitive
Pertaining to something that is abnormally affected by weather conditions: The farmer's crops were very meteorosensitive to the conditions of drought that had been existing and he was afraid of going bankrupt.
microsensor (s) (noun). microsensors (pl)
A very small device used for medical purposes to record such information as temperature changes, movements, etc.: The doctor installed a microsensor in Mr. McLean's injured arm in order to detect his motions during his recovery process.
multisense (adjective), more multisense, most multisense
Referring to many different meanings: Too many dictionaries present multisense definitions for word entries which cab be confusing for users.
multisensory (adjective), more multisensory, most multisensory
Relating to or involving two or more physical concepts, procedures, or methods: Watching a ballet is a multisensory experience because Cassandra enjoys both the music and the dances that are performed.
nanosensor (s) (noun), nanosensors (pl)
A chemical, biological, or medical surgical point which is used to obtain information about tiny particles or objects that respond as a unit in its transportation from one place to another one: The use of nanosensors primarily includes various medicinal purposes and serve as doorways to building other nanoproducts, such as computer chips that work at the nanoscale and even nanorobots.
nonsense (s) (noun), nonsenses (pl)
1. Ideas or words which are used when speaking or writing that do not have any rational meanings: Some reporters write a lot of nonsense which seems to appeal to many people.

Many of the words that are presented in some dictionaries are nonsense because they often use another form of the word that is being defined to present it. For example, "photosensitization": "The process of photosensitizing."

2. Behavior which is annoying, silly, unkind, or ridiculous: The teacher, Mrs. Jims, was not in the mood to put up with any nonsense from the students who were listening to music from their cell phones instead of doing their assignment.
nonsensical (adjective), more nonsensical, most nonsensical
Descriptive of something that is very foolish, absurd, or ludicrous: Jerry's wife told her husband that it would be nonsensical to choose another job that paid much lower wages.
Silly, foolish, and absurd.
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nonsensically (adverb), more nonsensically, most nonsensically
A reference to how something is presented in an irrational, unreasonable, or preposterous way: Bob made a nonsensically ridiculous agreement to bicycle for hundreds of miles across the country to prove that it is less expensive to travel that way instead of by a motor driven vehicle.
nonsensicalness (s) (noun) (no pl)
Something that presents an extreme lack of reasoning or which presents no proper concepts or ideas: The nonsensicalness of the national budget proposal by the President was sufficient reason for the House of Representatives and the Senate to overwhelmingly vote against it.
Omnis cognitio fit a sensibus. (Latin proverb)
"All knowledge comes through the senses." -Lucretius

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